Coming off of a hiatus? Whether it has been a few months or ten years, don't let your time off

scare you away! We've gathered some resources, tips, and advice on how to dust off your wings.

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Dusting Off Your Wings


Missing a resource? Please email us! (Active links are underlined. To learn more click on the underlined word(s).) This is a list directly from pilot moms who are making flying and family work. 


  • Mama Milk, Blog

  • The Milk Memos: How Real Moms Learned to Mix Business with Babies-and How You Can, Too 

by Cate Colburn-Smith, Andrea Serrette

  • Ask other moms in your company what they did to pump while on the job

  • Discuss pumping on the job with your employer--how to navigate it, establish a designated room, discuss pumping while flying, etc

  • Other Tips:

    • Bring a cooler and ice packs to keep milk cold​

    • Ask for fridge at hotels, tell them it's for breast milk (Most hotels are quick to accommodate)

    • Bring spare batteries and adapters for pump

    • Modify a sports bra to hold pump cups instead of buying expensive pumping bra 

    • Use nursing cover if having to pump in public

    • Dealing with co-workers when needing to go pump: say "I need a mom break" or explain if you think it will help eliminate confusion as to what is a "mom break"

    • Keep used pump parts cold if you can't sanitize in between pumps

    • Use microwaveable bags to sanitize pump parts

  • Mamava, nursing pods for moms on the go

  • List of U.S. airports with lactation rooms, click here






  • Other Ideas:

    • Join local mom groups ​

    • Form a mom group 

    • Child care swap between other local flying professional parents

    • Ask day care employee to help watch child at home

    • Find a stay-at-home mom who is willing to watch your child(ren)

    • Recruit relatives

    • Hire a nanny or au pair

    • Always have a back up to main child care provider







"Mommy Pilots encourages every 99 to

participate in the Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative (PPLI). However, we also realized this

may not be feasible for moms who can't commit

the time or don't want to become professional

pilots, but still need a friend to help point them

in the right direction or find encouragement or answers to questions while pursuing flight

ratings." Mommy Pilots will work with 99 mom

pilots or mom student pilots to find her a Mommy

Pilot Guide


To request a Mommy Pilot Guide, join the 99s, and email us. Click here.


  •, Family Organizer

  • Blue Apron, meal delivery

  • Hello Fresh, meal delivery

  • Grocery store, order online & pick up curbside

  • Cook in bulk and freeze meals

  • Delegate to spouse, nanny, kids, etc.


  • Maternity uniforms: H&M for maternity tops

  • How long should I fly while pregnant? It varies with the individual woman and the type of flying.

    • Professional pilots usually have company policies to follow, so this varies. If not, you should speak to your employer.  

    • General Aviation Pilots. Women have flown all the way to their due dates. The best advice is talk with your doctor to determine what is best for you. 

    • At some point, it is uncomfortable for each pregnant woman to fly or she can no longer move the controls as needed, such as the yoke, because of the baby impeding the control. This is usually when many women stop flying.

    • If you will be flying up in the flight levels, many women have expressed concern about radiation and the fetus. Discuss this with your doctor.

    • If you don't want to fly, negotiate with your employer to take on a ground position for the duration of your pregnancy.



"The Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative (PPLI) aims to accelerate the advancement of women in all pilot professions, facilitate mentoring, and enhance our leadership role in the aviation community. The program provides highly motivated 99s with the tools to develop their careers and leadership abilities. Through guided activities and formal mentoring partnerships, it strengthens and expands the network of women pilots."


To learn more about PPLI please click here.






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